Stop Snoring Remedies

Stop Snoring Remedies

snoring mouthguardSnoring can have an extremely negative impact on not only your life, but also the lives of the people around you. Snoring can lead to significant health issues and also affect relationships. There are a few stop snoring remedies that can be tried and tested prior to having to visit your physician. This article discusses some of the more effective remedies for snoring.

Snoring remedies
1. Have a good look at your dietary intake. Analyze what you eat and when you eat it. An even better approach to this would be to keep a detailed food diary for a few weeks. As well as looking at what you eat, match it up with your level of snoring for that particular day. You may need your partners help with this. Even if they give you a score out of 10, with 10 being “snoring like a freight train”, each morning.

This is important to determine if you may have an intolerance to certain foods. An example of this is dairy foods, which produce excess mucus, and may lead to nasal congestion. Alcohol is also another common offender in the production of excess mucus as well as being a relaxant. If you can determine that specific foods may be the causes of snoring you will be able to cut them out of your diet completely and therefore significantly reducing your problem with snoring.

2. If you are overweight, then you are definitely adding to the causes of your snoring. Excess weight puts extra pressure on your throat and chest and further inhibits the passage of air, leading to an increase in snoring. Being obese is also a common risk factor for sleep apnea, which is a very dangerous and debilitating medical condition. A stop snoring remedy therefore if you are carrying a bit too much weight, would be to try to lose a few pounds. Sometimes, just a few pounds is enough to make a difference.

3. Nasal strips can actually be very helpful for a person who snores. These strips are adhesive and are applied to the nose in a way that helps to keep the nasal passages open for the duration of the night. These do work for a lot of people, however long term use is not the best thing as they can get expensive, and really you would not be getting to the root cause of the problem.

4. Sleeping the right position can also reduce snoring. Everyone knows that snorers are so much louder when they are laying on their back. This snoring remedy can be used to keep you on your side and that prevents you from rolling onto your back are a great idea. Also, not often thought of in stop snoring remedies is the position of your head and neck. Ideally, your head, neck and chest should be in alignment to facilitate smooth movement of air through your airways.

There are some fantastic stop snoring pillow available today, developed particularly for snorers that will help to achieve optimal alignment of your head and neck.

These snoring remedies, help you to stop snoring by keeping your breathing even by making your air passageway open while you sleep .

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